Working Towards College

Working Towards College

College ID Camps and Showcases are the best way for our players to be seen by college coaches. If their dream is to play College soccer, we highly encourage players to attend ID Camps and participate in Tournament Showcases with their teams.

Featured Yearly Showcases:

  • Open Cup Showcase
  • Blue Chip
  • Disney Showcase
  • Las Vegas International Showcase
  • CASL Showcase
  • Copa Rayados International Showcase
  • FC Dallas Showcase
  • and many more…


What players must know if they want to play soccer at a college level

Clearing house/Eligibility center: A player must be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center if they want to participate in athletics. Also, if a student wants to apply for athletically based financial aid help, they must also be cleared through the eligibility center.